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BALAKLAVA 25 oct 1854 CHARGE AUTHENTIC PATT 1796 SWORD :sword was bought from the family of Corporal Arthur Berkleman, who joined the 17th Lancers on 1st July 1846

BALTIC FLINTLOCK HOLSTER PISTOL : .65 Cal; 13" barrel 20"o/a: grey patina to all metal: finely engraved lock & hammer: silver grey patina to metal: pressed silver decoration


CONTINENTAL FLINTLOCK HOLSTER PISTOL: 18 bore :12" iron barrel: plain banana shaped lock fitted with a swan necked cock: iron furniture: silver grey patina to all metal


ENGLISH PERCUSSION BELT PISTOL by W.MILLWARD 16bore:8" oct barrel with gold band to breech & notched rear sight: foliate engraved back action lock. Good full stock with chequered butt.

850 AUD

PERCUSSION PISTOL : BELGIUM MINER'S: .45 Cal: 3" barrel; grey patina; Good grip.

330 AUD

PERCUSSION PISTOL SMITH BOXLOCK POCKED PISTOL .48 Cal; 3" barrel; grey patina; Good grip.

450 AUD

B.WARD of LONDON hammer shotgun; Exc brown pattern damascus patina; .


EUROPEAN D/B FOLDING TRIGGER PERCUSSION POCKED PISTOL .45 Cal; 3" barrel; grey patina to all metal work; scroll engraved action; V.G. ornate, grooved, wooden grips with matching steel cap.

550 AUD

Saxon Heavy Cavalry Sabre, ca. 1800 . Showing original polisher's marks at ricasso. Light oxidation to blade. Intact and original overall, grip with light wear to leather, small areas of wood showing, wire wrap slightly loose from shrinkage to leather and wood.

1200 AUD

BRITISH NAVAL BOSON'S SWORD 31.5" etched. Very good blade. Proofed and marked by Manton & Co England. Brass guard with Edward's crown & fouled anchor



420 AUD


375 AUD
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